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This trek is one of the most popular in the Kashmir Himalayas, offering vantage points of some of the most beautiful...


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To keep our guests occupied we are providing a list of places, which you can visit each day...


Nature Activities

The surrounding forests at the Villa Himalaya are pleasant for people who wish to explore and enjoy...



The Villa Himalaya is a part of a larger community that has its own unique character and needs...


The Forest Walk

The surrounding forests at the Villa Himalaya are pleasant for people who wish to explore and enjoy an outing with family or friends. Local guides can take you out on a day trip into the pretty meadows which are ringed with pine trees and snow capped peaks. From the top of the ridge, you can also witness sweeping views of the valley below which gives you an opportunity to become a photographer as well.

The Village Walk

The village walking experience is organized efficiently and we provide guides who can take you on a visit to the local families and the village school. Houses in the village are mostly made of mud with thatched roofs and the rooms are small but efficiently clean. The inhabitants may include a large family since Kashmiri people live together unlike the nuclear ones found in rest of the world. You will be welcomed with traditional teas and local breads, while the children look on you with an innocent smile.

Horse Riding

For the children, horse riding is one of the most adventurous activities found in the mountain regions. Horses can be made available for everybody whosoever is interested. There are well laid horse tracks that take you to side valleys and small streams. Horses are the easiest way to explore as all that you have to do is to sit and gallop at a leisurely pace and look around without stopping.


The Sindh River boasts with a magnificent trove of rainbow trout which makes us humans to go out and catch them. Yet this is not as easy as it sounds for angling in a river means that you should be quick to throw the line and follow the river while walking amongst stones of all shapes and sizes. River fishing is a growing sport in the country and a lot of people are getting interested into it. The hotel can arrange all equipment for you and get the required permits so that you can enjoy an outing thoroughly.

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